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freedom partner 

As an ALC Startup, we have several steps to accomplish to operate as a private school.

  • Form a non-profit corporation (complete)
  • Affiliate with the Agile Learning Network (complete)
  • Find a location (complete)
  • Complete building inspections (in process)
  • File the Intent to Open a Non-Public School with the state
  • Submit tuition information to NCSEAA so students can use state vouchers

We will go above and beyond to provide more value to our students:

  • Attend training and submit application to operate as a licensed day care (in process)
  • Attend training and apply to provide free and reduced lunch to students (in process)
  • Submit Form 1023 to become a 501(c)(3) organization (complete)

All of these steps take money and we need your support. Consider donating to Gastonia Freedom School today. Your donations are tax-deductible.

You can donate via Patreon and or send money through PayPal to gastoniafreedomschool@gmail.com.

Would you rather donate supplies? Check out our Wish List!


As a school focused on learning in the real world, we welcome people who can share their experience and expertise with our students. As a community resource, you may be the inspiration for the next project or career path for a student. Apply below so we can discuss your desire to play with us for a day, a week, or the whole school year. We welcome resources from all walks of life, especially those who have a similar background to the students we serve.


We are open to applications for facilitators. Facilitators are more than teachers–they are mentors, space holders, and play partners. While a background in education is useful, we welcome applicants with diverse experiences who are open to our non-traditional. Fill out the application below if you are interested in working as a facilitator.


The volunteer form is first. Fill out the second form if you are interested in applying for a paid position.

Volunteer Interest

  • Offerings could be classes, workshops, or trips.

Employment Interest

  • Is there a website that showcases any of your work or projects that we can take a look at?
  • Offerings are the classes, activities, and field trips that are presented to the children each week. Every offering is optional, and we expect facilitators to respond to the interests of the children.