A New Type of School

Gastonia Freedom School is a pre-K-8 private school dedicated giving children a real-life education using Agile Learning tools. Our school uses self-directed learning to help children grow up to be independent adults no matter their ability.

Real Life, Real Learning

The 21st century needs people who can do more than punch a clock and follow directions. Public schools often lack the resources to support each child’s learning needs. Gastonia Freedom School works with every student where they are. Instead of focusing on their failures, we help students recognize and apply their strengths in the real world.

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Self-Directed Learning

The Sudbury Valley Free School was the first self-directed school in the US. Despite not giving homework or tests since 1968, hundreds of children have gone on to successful lives and careers. Research shows that children already have the desire to learn, and they learn much more quickly when they are self-motivated. Our model of self-directed learning is the Agile Learning Center. ALC create a resource-rich environment for students to explore their interests and manage their own learning.

Day School

We are a private school for grades K-8. The school day is from 9am to 3pm with before and after school care available. Students are responsible for their lunch and transportation. Licensed professionals provide regular special education services such as occupational therapy, physical therapy, music therapy, speech, and ABA.


Enjoy a Parent’s Day Out any day of the week for children ages 3-5. Children learn through play and can participate in school activities as they choose. Hours are from 9am to 1pm and lunch is not provided.


Join us for any of our scheduled activities or just come play for the day. Children can receive special education services through our school while enrolled in a homeschool.

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